Lean Production under the microscope

Top managers of leading companies will share the secrets of successfully implementing Kaizen at the Russian Lean School

New training format will be introduced at the Russian Lean School “Production Systems Development” that will take place in St. Petersburg on June 6 – 9. A class will be given not by Lean trainers, consultants or authors of Lean books, but by top managers of Russian holdings and companies that have achieved real success in production systems development and greatly increased their efficiency.

A series of mini master classes by successful executives will take place within Lean workshop “From One Director to Another”. These are: Maksim Krasilnikov, Executive Director, Avtopribor plant; Valentina Sizikova, Director of Directorate for Production System Development, Sukhoy Company; Konstantin Kotlyarov, Head of Renault-AVTOVAZ Alliance Quality Academy; Kristina Maleryan, Deputy Head of October Railways on Quality Management and Marketing; Darya Dmitriyeva, Financial Director of Amur-zoloto, and others.

Participants will present different functional and inter-functional aspects of Lean transformation along the whole customer value stream and life cycle – under 3D microscope. Best experience of in-house production system development programs will be presented from the point of view of a business owner, a Director, an HR Director, a Director for Quality and Marketing, a Chief Design Engineer, a Technical Director, a Director for Finance and Economy, a consultant on policy deployment and continuous improvement. The workshop will finish with a round table and Q&A session.

- We will review the issues that concern all executives who have started on their Lean journey, - says Alexey Baranov, the workshop coordinator and chairperson of the public movement “Lean Forum. Lean Production Professionals”. – What keys to success of Lean programs are selected by advanced managers. How they overcome typical obstacles to transformation. How company’s organizational structure should be changed. How and where you can see and calculate the economical effect of Lean transformations. How and what you should count and what is harmful to count. How to make employees accept changes. Whether you should create a Lean department. Where, whom and how to teach, etc. I am sure this day will help many people avoid typical Lean mistakes, learn to yield maximum result from a Lean program and change your management style to the better.