Russian Lean school


Russian Lean School is the unique and first in Russia large-scale project of teaching Lean Production to companies’ executives and leading specialists.

Lean School is a year-round series of seminars and trainings conducted in different regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

Starting in 2006, Russian Lean School sessions have been conducted two times a year, in June and in November; they include conferences and training events broken into several flows/tracks for students with different levels of expertise.

Lean School sessions have taken place in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Togliatti, and Cheboksary. Classes are accompanied by tours to production facilities successfully implementing Lean Programs and hands-on classes at the production floor to apply and master what was learnt during the training.

Lean School teachers list world-famous Lean experts:

Jeffrey Liker, Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan; President, Liker Lean Advisors, LLC; Senior Advisor and Partner, Lean Leadership Institute; author of the international best-seller, "The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer" and 6 other books; member of Manufacturing Excellence Hall of Fame; winner of 11 Shingo Prizes for Research Excellence.

Keisuke Ozawa, Leading Consultant, Toyota Engineering Corporation, Japan.

Kioshi Suzaki, President, Suzaki & Company, Japan.

Michael Wader, President, Lean Plus and Leadership Excellence Inc., USA; Senior Trainer, Orgprom Group; author of "Lean Tools", "Lean Assessment" and "Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude (Methods of Lean Leadership)".                               .

David Meier, President, Lean Associates, Inc., co-author of “The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer”, “Toyota Talent: Developing Your People the Toyota Way”, USA.

Michel Baudin, President, Takt Times Group, Manufacturing Management and Technology Institute;  author of “Lean Logistics”, “Lean Assembly” and "Working with Machines", USA. 

Yalcin Ipbuken, President, Lean Institute Turkey, Turkey.

Hong Li, President and Expert, LeanOrigin Management Consulting, Co. 

Partners of the Russian Lean School and the Russian Lean Forum are: Irkut Corporation, GAZ Group, Nitol Group, TMS Group, Savva Group of companies, IBS Borlas, Оracle and others.

Informational support is provided by such magazines as “Expert”, “Methods of Quality Management”, “Standards and Quality”, “Director General”, “Business Excellence”, “Autobusiness”, “Machine-Building Portal” and others.

Russian Lean School is the first in Russia large-scale project of teaching Lean Production to executives and leading specialists. Lean School has been working for 5 years; more than 3000 students from RusGidro, Sberbank, Irkut Corporation, KAMAZ, Rusal, TMS Group, Sibur, GAZ Group, VSMPO-AVISMA, Magnezit combined plant, Tikkurila and other companies have studied there. Lean School teachers are famous Lean experts and authors from Japan, USA, Canada, France, Turkey, China and Russia.


Kaizen trips to Japan, China, Turkey, Germany and other countries

Kaizen – is Japanese philosophy of business management that can be loosely described as continuous improvement of operations.

The main idea of kaizen is to have no working day without improvement suggestions or new ideas for production improvement. On the other hand, kaizen is a set of methods and processes that help improve competitiveness of company products.

The experience of Japan as the primary source of kaizen, as well as experience of other countries, applying this philosophy, has become the subject of close professional interest. Study kaizen, use and develop any best practices – this is the task set by contemporary life and accelerated progress.

The Autonomous Non-profit Organization “Institute Orgprom” invites you to join our kaizen trips to study the experience of implementing Lean Manufacturing.

We offer to visit a choice of countries: Japan, Turkey, Germany, Austria or other countries that are of interest for you. Also, we offer to show the best experience of Russian companies within the framework of the “Lean Ring of Russia” kaizen trips.

The program of kaizen trips includes workshops devoted to various aspects of Lean implementation. Kaizen visits will allow you to:


  • study international experience on the topic of interest to you or your industry;
  • establish direct international contacts;
  • visit organizations of  the industry interesting for you in a foreign country;
  • meet your colleagues from other companies and see production facilities;
  • attend training sessions and listen to presentations of experienced company specialists;
  • participate in an intensive business program, establish useful contacts and get new ideas.
A business trip abroad can become a successful start for your organization to improve competitiveness of your products, to get new skills in applying Lean Manufacturing, kaizen. Acquaintance with international experience will enhance your level of managing the Lean Manufacturing system.


5 good reasons to join a kaizen trip:

  1. Opportunity not to just see well organized production, but observe actual implementation of Lean tools.
  2. Get answers “on the spot” from managers and Lean Program specialists.
  3. Opportunity to compare production abroad to your production and use best experience and kaizen in your organization.
  4. Daily discussions of  company visits with foreign specialists experienced in Lean implementation, kaizen, as well as with Russian trainers who will accompany you on the trip.
  5. Find like-minded colleagues in your group, communication with whom in the course of the kaizen trip will help you in implementing Lean.
"Orgprom" offers you a number of kaizen trip options, from which you can choose those that are most suitable for your organization and your industry.


Kaizen trip to Japan

Learning from world experience of Lean implementation

    • See not only well organized companies, but implementation of kaizen, Lean Manufacturing at Toyota plants and other Japanese companies.
    • Get exhaustive answers “on the spot” to any questions on Lean Manufacturing from the primary source of kaizen.
    • Discuss company visits with experienced mentors having vast knowledge in Lean implementation.
    • Assess implementation of Lean Manufacturing at its different stages and in different companies, understand the specifics of Lean programs in progress.
    • Note many useful things in work organization that you can just copy and use in your environment.
    • Find like-minded colleagues, communication with whom will help you both during the trip and after that in implementing Lean Manufacturing.


Kaizen trip to China


GDP in China grew by 11,9% in the first quarter of 2010 (Russian GDP just by  2,9 %). One of the factors that contributed to this growth, was the use of Lean production methods.

Having visited Chinese companies you will see the national specifics and mentality and you will understand that using these as an excuse for not applying Lean Manufacturing is a sign of being week or lazy. Toyota cars made in China are not any worse than those made in Japan and Chinese computers made with the use of kaizen are comparable in quality with Japanese or European, but the cost is much lower.

You will see how you can use similarities or differences in the eastern and Russian cultures and you will receive direct consultations of the best Lean specialists in China.


Kaizen trip to Turkey


We know Turkey as the country of inexpensive and quality recreation, but not many people know that Turkey is rapidly progressing in its industrial development. Turkey is a NATO member country and it actively acquires the most advanced technologies and management methods. In particular, many plants in many industries are in the process of implementing kaizen, Lean Manufacturing.

It is worth noting, that all car/truck manufacturers of Europe and Japan are represented in Turkey. Well developed are the production of automotive parts, metal industries are progressing fast, the same is true for textile, food processing and many other industries.


Kaizen trip «The Lean Ring of Russia»

This trip will take you to Russian companies leading in Lean implementation.

If you participate in this project, you will be able to:

  • Visit facilities of companies from different industries, learn from the experience of  successful implementation of Lean Manufacturing.
  • Meet with Lean implementation project managers.
  • Discuss knew knowledge with experienced Russian trainer/mentor.
  • Exchange experiences of building, developing and perfecting production systems with other project participants.
  • Get suggestions and ideas from project participants.
  • Attend a workshop on any Lean topic.

We wish you every success with kaizen! Never stop!

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